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JUNIOR COLOUR WARZ WEEK (Ages 8-11 years) 

Sunday, July 24 @ 6 pm to Thursday, July 28 @ 3 pm 

Colour Warz is a huge part of Summer Camp, some might even go as far as to say it is "the best part of summer camp" If you are competitive or just enjoy some silly fun and ridiculous games then this is the camp for you.

Register now and be a part of the weeklong competition as Team RED and Team BLUE compete in a variety of challenges and competitions. What team will take home victory for Colour Warz 2022?


Pee Wee Holiday Sports and Adventure (Ages 5-8- years)

Tuesday, August 2 @ 9 am to Friday, August 5 @ 3 pm

Hey, Pee Wee Campers get ready to experience all your favourite holidays in one week.


You will get to play wacky Holiday-themed games, look for Easter eggs during a nature walk, make birthday crafts for friends, Become Rudolph or one of Santa's elves during our drama activities, sing Christmas Carols around the campfire, help your cabin win the best decorated Christmas tree competition, and trick or treat for cabin points to WIN the most FESTIVE CABIN at the end of the week. But that is not all we will also play traditional camp camps, some silly sports and create a water show for all to enjoy. 


Register now and if this is your first time at overnight camp then bring a friend, it will be like a weeklong sleepover. We promise you will love it and will count down the day until you can return.


*Registering with a friend remember campers MUST be within one year of age to be in the same cabin- both families must request each other in the cabin partner section of the application. *


Senior Colour Wars #10 (Ages 10-15)

Sunday, August 7@ 6 pm to Friday, August 12 @ 3 pm

SENIORS it is time for another fantastic week of Colour Warz! We know it is the best part of your summer and "THE GAMES" are going to be wackier, messier, more ridiculous, and super silly this year BECAUSE it is COLOUR WARZ #10!!!!

Colour Warz has become such a huge part of our Summer Camp program. Campers, we know you have been waiting a whole year to see if you are TEAM RED OR BLUE this summer. 

LET THE GAMES BEGIN - Register now and be a part of our 10th Annual Colour Warz Camp. Good Luck Team RED and Team BLUE and watch out for special appearances from our Colour Warz Counselors for the past!


Sports & Adventure (Ages 10-15)

Sunday, August 14 @ 6 pm to Friday, August 19 @ 3 pm

Hey, campers it's time to put on your sneakers for a week of sports mixed in with some adventure and don't forget the traditional summer camp games everyone loves. 

Not a sports lover... Don't worry, there is something for everyone. Who doesn't love pool games, wacky water games, 4-way soccer, capture the flag, gaga ball, hey dude your nude, bonkers, along with archery, frisbee golf, flag football, amazing race and so much more!


So put down your video games it times to get outside and have a blast. 


The Best of the Best (Ages 8-15)

Sunday, August 21 @ 6 pm to Friday, August 26 @ 3 pm

Need we say anymore? Come spend the last week of summer camp 2022 and experience a week full of all the favourites over the past 10 years. You better remember to pack something blue and red because there will definitely be a colour warz game or two added to the fun. 

Favourite skits, favourites songs, favourite camp-wide games, a surprise visit from some of your favourite staff, and we can't forget about our favourite desserts and meals. Welcome back pizza casserole and grasshopper pie.

First time at camp? Well, you can't go wrong with The Best of the Best Week, you are guaranteed to have a blast with all of the staff and camper favourites.  


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