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Our programming is based on the EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING philosophy, which means the Challenges for Success Ropes Course believes that the lessons learned from a concrete experience can be transferred back to a participant's real-life experience.

Our activities and initiatives relate directly to experiences that individuals and teams have to deal with in their daily lives. While working together on the course, participants practice enhanced communication, trust and cooperation.

Unfamiliar roles and new group dynamics are explored as team members share the frustration of problem-solving as well as the pride in succeeding. Individuals improve their understanding of themselves and their colleagues.

Another important philosophy within our programming is “CHALLENGE BY CHOICE."

Challenge by choice provides the opportunity for every participant to achieve success both as an individual and as part of a group. Success is not determined by how well individuals or groups perform but rather by the extent to which they are willing to try something new and work together to accomplish a task. Challenge by Choice is in effect at all times on our course.


We design our program to meet the needs of the client. Ropes courses can be used with a variety of different groups to achieve a wide variety of outcomes. Programs are most commonly designed for team-building, leadership development, coaching, personal development, problem solving and cooperation.

We customize our program to fit your group's needs and goals for the day.

Our low ropes elements exist of ropes, logs, beams, cargo nets and cables. These elements create exciting opportunities for participants to work together as a team. Groups develop skills such as problem-solving, communication, planning, idea sharing, trust and leadership. 



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